Website Design

Website Design

At webOPTIMA Inc. we offer affordable web design for small businesses. Gain the competitive edge!  A website promotes your services to the world and attracts new business clients.

Whether you need a web site designed from scratch or an existing site re-designed we are here to help. From a small business web site to a completely database driven site to sell your products online we are here to help make your online venture a success.

Web Design Cost
For a one-time investment you are reaching everyone in the world who is connected to the Internet.  We can provide you with solutions to help solve your website start-up problems, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.  We have business integrity. Our payment plans insure that we will not “run away” with your money.

What is involved in Web Design?

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet (or World wide Web eg. WWW) in the form of Markup language such as HTML suitable for interpretation by Web browsers (Such as IE and Firefox) thats display as a GUI (Graphical user interface).

Improvements in browser compliance with W3C standards prompted a widespread acceptance and usage of XHTML/XML in conjunction with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to position and manipulate web site page elements.

The intent of web design is to create a web site a collection of pages that reside on a web server/servers and present content and interactive features to the end user in form of Web pages. Such elements as text, bitmap images (GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs), forms can be placed on the page using HTML/XHTML/XML tags. Displaying more complex media (vector graphics, animations, videos, sounds) requires plug-ins such as Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time environment, etc.

Thorough knowledge of HTML, DHTML, CSS, FLASH, ASP, JavaScript, SQL, and Access lets us discover possibilities yet unknown for your companies needs.

* Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal *

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