Nutrition Facts Marketing

Nutrition Facts Marketing

What is Nutrition Facts Marketing?
Restaurant patrons are tired of guessing at how many calories, fat, and protein are in their meals. They are also tired of wondering if the restaurant adds extra butter just to make it taste better. If your restaurant has what it takes to respect your customer’s waist line and nutritional values, then why not put it on the menu? Take the guess work out of it and gain new customers while increasing customer loyalty with your regulars.

webOPTIMA will determine nutrition facts based on recipes and ingredients, post those results on your website, create a press release announcement, distribute the press release to over 30 complimentary news media sites, design a tri-fold flyer for handing out in your restaurant, optimize the search engines for inclusion, and post blogs on over 30 fitness social media websites.

  • Silver Package:  1-10 menu items*
  • Gold Package: 11-20 menu items*
  • Platinum Package: 21-40 menu items*

*You can choose whichever package you want even if you have a large menu. We can simply highlight some healthy options and not worry about the entire menu.

All of our packages require a 50% deposit at the time of service with the remainder due upon completion prior to press releases being distributed.

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