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webOPTIMA enjoys meeting clients face to face when possible!
Since most of what we handle is able to be done online, we also provide remote services nationally.

Candiss O’Reilly Owner/Manager

Aside from her passion in web development and online marketing, Candiss and her husband have always enjoyed sailing.  She and her family moved from Houston to Fort Lauderdale to be closer to the ocean.  Since the move, webOPTIMA has grown to include some of the more popular services known in South Florida:  aggressive social media marketing and aerial drone photography.

Candiss and the webOPTIMA team combine website development with social media and branding.  Once the full package is developed, they market it by utilizing 21st century search engine optimization techniques that are ever changing and crucial to the online success of your business.

Believing that business is better conducted in person, Candiss strives to meet with her clients on a regular basis either in person for her South Florida clients or remotely for Houston based clients.  webOPTIMA’s only form of advertisement is search engine optimization and word of mouth.  Our clients are some of our best marketers!

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    webOPTIMA offers Drone Photography & Drone Videography in South Florida

    Contact us today if you would like more information about high resolution aerial drone photography or 4k aerial drone videography services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all of South Florida! Aerial photography and videography adds value to almost all businesses and industries and can be used in commercials, on websites and even in brochures.

    • Real Estate Photography
    • Retail & Financial Videography
    • Media & Marketing Promos
    • Construction Projects & Mapping
    • Business Photography Commercials
    • Parks & Wildlife

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