Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

“The New SEO” – Social Media Marketing!

If you’re not using social media marketing already, you’ll take the backseat to your competitors.

webOPTIMA can optimize your social media accounts and help you to understand how to further your reach!  If you are looking for help with your social media presence then you already know and value that there is way more to social media marketing than just posting, tweeting or interacting.  The right content placed at the right time is crucial to your success.

A great social media plan will take into consideration all of your companies values, goals and marketing efforts.  We work hand in hand with your public relations firm (pr firm) to ensure that their work is showcased as well as the goals we develop with your marketing personnel.

We start with an initial audit of your business marketing plans and objectives.  We create a competitive analysis based on your top competitors.  We utilize market research based on your industry and we identify the best social media platforms for you to optimize your social media ROI.

As a client, you will receive a comprehensive written plan of action with recommended social media channels, content suggestions, and social media campaign strategies that are unique to your business.  We like to meet with our clients face to face as much as possible to discuss current marketing efforts and tie them into our social media efforts.

All of our social media marketing plans are measurable.  We believe in being transparent.  Our success is trackable by an outside social media reporting service.

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