API Integration

Simply Website Processes with webOPTIMA

A rigorous test environment and extensive API integration expertise ensure that integration time-frames are minimized and trading efficiency is enhanced. Clients using custom-designed automated pricing engines, order-routing and management systems, program trading systems and off-the-shelf modeling software can work with our dedicated implementation teams to integrate these proprietary systems directly into their website.


What is an API?
API, originally Advanced Programming Interface but now more commonly known by its near synonym, Application programming interface, is any defined inter-program interface.

An application programming interface (API) is a set of declarations of the functions (or procedures) that an operating system, library or service provides to support requests made by computer programs.

  • Language-dependent APIs are available only in a particular programming language. They utilize the syntax and elements of the programming language to make the API convenient to use in this particular context.
  • Language-independent APIs are written in a way that means they can be called from several programming languages. This is a desired feature for a service-style API which is not bound to a particular process or system and is available as a remote procedure call.

In short – API Keys allow for one website to speak to another website behind the scenes.  Most often for inventory and accounting purposes.

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