Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

webOPTIMA Inc. can place your website in the top search positions for Yahoo, Google, MSN,, and various other search engines.  Our search engine optimization company utilizes white hat seo – meaning – our methods of placing you at the top will not get you banned.  We are careful in our selection process.

Watch Your Website Rank High on Search Engines


Your website is your organization‚ has location on the World Wide Web. But how do visitors to the online world get to know your address? Unless they are aware of your website address, search engines are the best way of getting noticed. But what if you don’t even feature on search engine sites? Or even if you feature on search engines, if it‚ has not on the first three pages, it means that your website is not search engine optimized, and you could have lost potential customers.

webOPTIMA Inc. gets your website noticed by search engine optimizing it so that it features prominently on major search engines and directory listings. In transforming your website into a search engine friendly website, webOPTIMA Inc. aids your internet marketing efforts.

Several of the major search engines use formulas that determine a website‚ has relevance to keyword queries. These search engine algorithms use optimization techniques that are dynamic and evolving. SEO professionals at webOPTIMA Inc. leverage upon these evolving SEO techniques to rank your website in the top 10 listings of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, AOL, Lycos, Netscape and others.

How SEO Benefits You

Long-Term Cost-Effective Marketingyahoo-search-engine-optimization-seo.gifA search engine optimized website is cost-effective and generates a high visibility for you, unlike a pay per click website where the costs are ongoing.

Brand Benefits Owing to greater accessibility you website‚ has popularity can tremendously augment your brand identity as well as your sales and profits.

Usability and An optimized site is very user-friendly and accessible to more users.

webOPTIMA’s 21st Century SEO Methodology

Keyword Analysis & Page Optimization We rewrite keywords linking to your web pages, optimizing them for search engine relevance and superior ranking.  In addition, we ensure that homepage and sub page titles, description, alt and comment tags, as well as meta keywords are appropriately positioned for search engine reach.

Site Submission The optimized website is submitted personally to major search engines on a regular basis. Again after re-optimizing your website, owing to redundancies in current SEO techniques, webOPTIMA Inc. re-submits your website on a weekly/monthly basis.

Reportsaol_logo_large.gif Upon submitting your website, we keep you updated with reports that are validated by search engines. These reports display your website ranking and monitor the SEO progress of your website.

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